Saturday, August 2, 2014

Random Thought Spot #1: The Best Punchline in the Universe

The interesting thing about Buddhism is there is no self. No inner me, no objective witness, No triumphant I, no ultimate ego or soul. We may reincarnate but there is actually no "we" to reincarnate. There is a constant flux and process and at the center of it all…absolutely nothing. Not even nothing but something that can’t even be described because nothing implies a comparison to something…there is not even a nothing to call nothing. Somedays I feel like a small buzzing ball of random haphazard energy and it’s an almost poignant joy to realize that this small buzzing ball of random haphazard energy has already come and gone. We've all gone up in smoke since the beginning. The best punchline in all the universe …there is no smoke either.

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